1. Is your Folsom rug silk or a faux silk?

    Do you know the difference between a real silk rug and a faux silk rug? You would think that simply looking on the label of your El Dorado Hills rug would give you all the information you need, right? Unfortunately, the reality is that many times the truth is hidden behind gimmick-like words. You may see word describing your rug such as Art-silk, bamboo silk, coconut silk, faux soie, hemp silk, ra…Read More

  2. Green carpet, upholstery, tile and grout cleaning in Sacramento

    In an ideal world all cleaning products would be green cleaning products made using sustainable manufacturing practices and naturally derived, safe, non-toxic, and biodegradable ingredients that don’t negatively impact the environment. The traditional carpet cleaning process is to spray many volatile chemicals on the carpet to loosen dirt, clean with soapy chemicals to wash the dirt out, and the…Read More

  3. Why go green carpet cleaning in Sacramento?

    Our green vans are seen all over the greater Sacramento area. Why does the green represent our vans? Because to us the green represents the products we use and the way we go about to ensure we provide the healthiest and best way to clean the carpet, tile, upholstery and rugs in your home and business. We clean green and truly believe in promoting a healthy home lifestyle. Our shiny green vans can …Read More

  4. Pet stains in Sacramento, a few do’s and don’ts

    Our four-legged pets are a big part of our families here in Sacramento.  Part of pet life is that there will enviably be accidents, either from a new puppy, an elderly dog or simply a sick dog, it is something that happens.   We are here to help.   If you do not combat the stains as they occur and they build up, it can cause some serious damage down the road. Here are a few do’s and don’t…Read More

  5. Cleaning your El Dorado Hills furniture, even if it doesn’t look dirty

    Most everyone has upholstery of some sort in their home or office.  Whether an upholstered sofa, sectional, chairs, ottomans, dinning furniture, headboards, office chairs or partition walls we here at The Specialists are here to help! Let’s talk about the low down on upholstery cleaning. We are certified in upholstery cleaning by the IICRC, which is the world’s most recognized certification …Read More

  6. Does Communication really make you happy?

    One thing that is very common with all types of service companies across the country is arrival windows.  Some of them are quite long, such as 10 am-5 pm or even worse, the dreaded morning or afternoon time slot.  So, you must sit around waiting and hoping they are on time or early.  Your entire day is wasted waiting for a technician that most often times comes at the very end of the window or …Read More

  7. Caring for your El Dorado Hills Fine Area Rug

    If you have area rugs, whether they are synthetic rugs from your local department store or that amazing, hand-knotted rug you inherited or found on that special trip, you want them to always look their best. Let us here at The Specialists help you keep them looking great! Here are some tips to help you keep them looking their absolute best. Rotate your rugs. This is super easy to do. By rotating t…Read More

  8. Choosing the correct rug pad for your El Dorado Hills home

    Using the correct rug padding help prolong the life of your rug.  It helps provide a solid foundation for your rug(s).  Not only does high quality rug padding provide comfort, it will help protect your El Dorado Hills rug from furniture tears, holes and indentations by providing an extra layer of cushioning for your furniture. It can also help protect the floors underneath your rugs. If you have…Read More

  9. Removing urine from your Oriental rug in El Dorado Hills

    Whether you have finally found the one you want or you have just inherited one, you finally have that gorgeous Oriental rug in your El Dorado Hills home.  As you are enjoying it, you discover that your furry family member has also discovered it and decided to mark it as their own.  As that moment of panic sets in, remember The Specialists are here to help.  Here is what you should do. First, yo…Read More

  10. Professionally cleaning your tile and grout in Sacramento

    Do you ever wonder what is the best way to clean your tile and grout? Let’s take a look. Your tile and grout or stone work in your Sacramento home is a large investment and of course, you most certainly want to maintain that value.  Here are a few simply ways to help keep your tile and grout or stone work looking its absolute best. First and foremost is the regular maintenance.  This is a cruc…Read More