1. Choosing a reputable carpet cleaner, it is not as easy as you think

    When you are searching for someone to do any kind of work in your home, you only want the best.  Inviting anyone into your home for any kind of service work can seem challenging and maybe even a bit overwhelming.  Let’s take a few moments to determine if the company you are looking at is reputable. One very important thing is to take a look at the ratings given to them by other consumers.  It…Read More

  2. The Critical Do’s and Don’ts with Pet Urine Stains.

    Our four-legged pets are a big part of our family.  Part of pet life is that there will enviably be accidents, either from a new puppy, an elderly dog or simply a sick dog, it is something that happens.   We are here to help.   If you do not combat the stains as they occur and they build up, it can cause some serious damage down the road. Here are a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to pe…Read More

  3. Rug Finishes. What are they and why you need to know about them

    Are you planning on buying a new rug? Did you know there are many types of rug finishes? Have you ever thought about it?  Let’s explore a few of the different types of finishes. One of the most common types is what as known as a Tea Wash.  It is applied over a completed rug to give more of a rich antiqued look that is a golden or brown color.  It is important to understand that it is not a pe…Read More

  4. Why you should have your upholstery cleaned regularly!

    Do you really need to clean your upholstery regularly?  The answer is yes!  From Davis to Shingle Springs, Elk Grove, Folsom, Sacramento and all points in between, here are several reasons why your upholstery needs to be cleaned. First, it will help keep the beauty of your furniture.  Many people don’t maintain their upholstery and often don’t try a professional cleaning before buying new.…Read More

  5. The low down on rug cleaning

    At The Specialists, we are proud to provide Sacramento’s best oriental and area rug cleaning services.  Through our time-tested process, we produce great results every time.  We pride ourselves on not only providing you the top notch service you have come to know and love, but continuing to educate ourselves to keep up that level of service. Our steps are: Step One: Consultation First, we will…Read More

  6. Is your carpet sprouting?

    Have you ever vacuumed your rug or carpet to only find that it has suddenly gotten a few pop-up strands of fiber?  Don’t worry, that is what is known as ‘Sprouting’ and it is actually quite common and while it can be slightly irritating, it is not a reason for alarm.  A simple way to remove these sprouts is to simply trim the sprout to the height of the pile of your rug, Do not just pull t…Read More

  7. Fiber Protection It is worth the investment.

    Is having fiber protection worth the extra cost?  That really depends on how you think about it.  When you have any rug, whether wall to wall or a beautiful area rug, it is an investment in your home.   By adding a professionally applied protection to any of your rugs, carpet or upholstery you buy yourself a bit more time to help you get a spill up, therefore helping to maintain your rug, carp…Read More

  8. Angie’s List Super Service Award Winner for the 7th year in a row!

    We are so proud to be honored from Angie’s List to receive their Super Service Award for the 7th year in a row! So why are these awards important to you, a consumer?  Anytime you want to hire someone, you want to know that they are not just a fly-by-night company.  Companies, such as The Specialists, that have these awards for our services, such as Carpet cleaning, Tile and Grout cleaning and …Read More

  9. Why have your office or commercial properties professionally cleaned?

    Most people think that being in a professional office building with a regular maintenance/janitorial crew will be more than sufficient to keep their office looking its best.   But in order to keep your carpets looking their best you should implement a preventative cleaning program.   Not only will this keep them looking great, it will actually help keep your employees healthier. Like regular v…Read More

  10. Why Dry Soil Removal is Important to your Rug Care

    Dry soil is the most common soil type found in rugs.  There have been testing that says 75% or more of total soil found in your rugs.  While you may think that spills are the most damaging (and it can be in many cases) dry soil can scratch, cut and severally damage your rug fibers. So, what is dry soil?  It is simply that, dry dirt and contaminate that work their way into the fibers.   The mo…Read More