TheSpecialists Have you ever had good service?  Really good service?

Have you ever had bad service?  Really bad service?

What was the difference between the two experiences?  Often times, it’s the attitude and passion of the person offering the service.  If your waiter does not care about his service to you, it shows as you sit awaiting a refill.

The same is true for any service and profession.

I recently went to work with James and decided to try my hand at cleaning.

First of all, it is not work for the faint of work.  It takes muscle and endurance.

Secondly, I was surprised that I didn’t even know his method,

Clean each area until there is no further improvement.

Simple yet profound.  This, my friends, is the difference between carpet cleaners.

I had long known that he cleans each area with multiple passes ensuring thoroughness for maximum soil and moisture extraction.  I did not know this was his motto.

I am impressed.TheSpecialistsCloseUp