1. Tips for keeping your rugs looking their best

    If you have area rugs, whether they are synthetic rugs from your local department store or that amazing, hand-knotted rug you inherited or found on that special trip, you want them to always look their best.  Let us here at The Specialists help you keep them looking great! Rotate your rugs.  This is super easy to do.  By rotating the rug(s) you will help prevent wear  and fading in the same sp…Read More

  2. A few ways to keep your carpets Merry and Bright this holiday season

    It’s that time of year again, when we celebrate the holidays with our loved ones.  But what about our carpets?  Here are a few ways to show your carpets some love as well. Thoroughly vacuuming your carpets on a regular basis. This is super simple and will help keep them fresh.   Need a new vacuum?  Click here to see our very own Joy give 3 tips to keep in mind when buying a new carpet vacuu…Read More

  3. Why are Certified Techs Important for Carpet and Tile Cleaning

    Here are all the certifications I have as a certified tech. This means I have been trained by the world's best certification to handle all types of cleaning situations the right way without setting a stain or not to being able to get something out that can be taken out. When we all hire a company we want to be confident that tech knows what he or she is doing so the job will be done the right way.…Read More

  4. Angies List Super Service Award Winner Carpet, Rug and Tile Cleaning

    We did it again! 5 Years in a row and counting! The best advice I always give to customers looking to hire a company for work to be done at their home or business is to look online and read what other people are saying about them. The proof is in the reviews and the reviews of other previous customers that have experienced hiring that company to do a service or job for them will show up in the rev…Read More

  5. Keeping Your Carpets Clean During Holidays

    Holiday Guests And Your Carpet: Tips From The Sacramento Carpet Cleaning Experts There always seems to be a holiday around the corner, and with spring in full force, we can think of plenty of reasons to have guests over for a BBQ. Whether it’s the 4th of July or Christmas, holidays and gatherings are great times for cheer, happiness, and plenty of food and drink. What isn’t so perfect? Dirty c…Read More

  6. Are There Allergens In Your Sacramento Carpet?

    Our Sacramento Carpet Cleaning Removes Allergens From Your Carpet Controlling asthma and allergies begins at home. When you reduce the amount of allergens in and around your home, you’re able to breathe easier and reduce your risk of triggering attacks and future episodes. One of the most common allergens is dust mite feces, and it lives in your carpet, furniture, pillows, mattresses, and stuffe…Read More

  7. The Benefits Of Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning

    Hot Water Extraction For Your Sacramento Carpet Cleaning Haven’t heard of hot water extraction as a method for cleaning carpets? That’s not surprising! Big companies such as Stanley Steemer have been marketing the much more popular term of “steam cleaning” for years, the term many more people seem to know. What You Need To Know As A Homeowner As a homeowner, it’s important to know the te…Read More

  8. Tips For Getting Oil Out Of Your Carpet

    Do you or your kids like to get crazy in the kitchen? Do you have stains from rogue meatballs, spilled red wine, splattered cooking oil, or grease? If you have carpet in your dining room, or rugs in your kitchen, you’ve likely encountered at least one of these pesky stains over the years: a cooking oil stain. As professional carpet cleaners in Sacramento, we’ve seen it all when it comes to car…Read More

  9. Avoid These Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

    Oh no! Did you spill red wine on your new carpet? Don’t panic! A quick Google search will help you get that carpet looking new again in no time. Carpet cleaning is not rocket science. However, there are still a few mistakes that you should make a point to avoid when cleaning your carpets. Follow these tips from your trusted carpet cleaning experts in Sacramento to avoid making a mistake that cou…Read More

  10. What is the Difference between Carpet Cleaners? Aren’t They All the Same?

    Have you ever had good service?  Really good service? Have you ever had bad service?  Really bad service? What was the difference between the two experiences?  Often times, it's the attitude and passion of the person offering the service.  If your waiter does not care about his service to you, it shows as you sit awaiting a refill. The same is true for any service and profession. I recently we…Read More