1. Traffic lanes, wear patterns and pile distortion…oh my!

    Just what are traffic lanes, wear patterns and pile distortion?  Here is some basic information from The Specialists to help you understand them. Traffic Lanes.  These are about what you would picture in your mind.  They often times look like general “lanes” of wear or discoloration where people walk.  A lot of people call them the traffic areas.  It is the highest trafficked areas on a f…Read More

  2. Why Choose us?

    Why choose us to clean for you? When you are choosing a cleaner to come in to your home, whether in El Dorado Hills, Lincoln or Davis it is a big decision. Here is why you should choose us, The Specialists. We are: Secure and Insured.  We are licensed and insured.  This protects your home, belongings and your family, as well as workers.  If a company is newer, not adequately trained and not ins…Read More

  3. Corn rows in your carpet?

    Have you noticed your plush carpet getting an odd look to it, almost a cornrow appearance?  It is absolutely a real problem.  Let’s explore about this and what to do to help avoid or alleviate this problem. More than likely this is happening in a carpet with more of plush design.  It is most often seen in the highest traffic areas.  It will look like the carpet is almost matted or tangled in…Read More

  4. White knots in your rug

    What the knot? When you have a hand-knotted rug you expect it to be well, knotted. But what does it mean when you start seeing knots pop up through the pile? Simply put, those knots (and often times they are white, so they will be noticeable when exposed in darker colors) are a very common characteristic of true oriental rugs. They are very common and nothing to worry about. These are part of the …Read More

  5. Keeping your rugs looking their best!

    If you have area rugs, whether they are synthetic rugs from your local department store or that amazing, hand-knotted rug you inherited or found on that special trip, you want them to always look their best. Let us here at The Specialists help you keep them looking great! Here are some tips to help you keep them looking their absolute best.  We serve Davis, El Dorado Hills, Elk Grove, Folsom, Gra…Read More

  6. The difference between Traditional and Modern Rugs, here is the scoop!

    Traditional rugs, they are generally called Oriental or Persian. They have patterns and designs that are up to centuries old and tend to lend an air of elegance. They often tend to resemble a tapestry and are usually hand-woven from natural fibers such as cotton, silk, wool or Jute. They often have a multitude of colors and often have familiar shapes such as flowers and diamond. These rugs can als…Read More

  7. Choosing a reputable carpet cleaner, it is not as easy as you think

    When you are searching for someone to do any kind of work in your home, you only want the best.  Inviting anyone into your home for any kind of service work can seem challenging and maybe even a bit overwhelming.  Let’s take a few moments to determine if the company you are looking at is reputable. One very important thing is to take a look at the ratings given to them by other consumers.  It…Read More

  8. The Critical Do’s and Don’ts with Pet Urine Stains.

    Our four-legged pets are a big part of our family.  Part of pet life is that there will enviably be accidents, either from a new puppy, an elderly dog or simply a sick dog, it is something that happens.   We are here to help.   If you do not combat the stains as they occur and they build up, it can cause some serious damage down the road. Here are a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to pe…Read More

  9. Rug Finishes. What are they and why you need to know about them

    Are you planning on buying a new rug? Did you know there are many types of rug finishes? Have you ever thought about it?  Let’s explore a few of the different types of finishes. One of the most common types is what as known as a Tea Wash.  It is applied over a completed rug to give more of a rich antiqued look that is a golden or brown color.  It is important to understand that it is not a pe…Read More

  10. The low down on rug cleaning

    At The Specialists, we are proud to provide Sacramento’s best oriental and area rug cleaning services.  Through our time-tested process, we produce great results every time.  We pride ourselves on not only providing you the top notch service you have come to know and love, but continuing to educate ourselves to keep up that level of service. Our steps are: Step One: Consultation First, we will…Read More