1. How to choose the right cleaner for your project

    When you are searching for someone to do any kind of work in your home, you only want the best.  Inviting anyone into your home for any kind of service work can seem challenging and maybe even a bit overwhelming.  Let’s take a few moments to determine if the company you are looking at is reputable. One very important thing is to take a look at the ratings given to them by other consumers.  It…Read More

  2. The Scoop on Upholstery Fabrics and cleaning

    Having a skilled cleaner come to your home or office to clean your upholstery will make all the difference. Sure, you could get an in-home machine, but will you know the difference in the fibers and the stains and how to treat them without ruining your furniture?  Here at The Specialists, we do.  Our technicians are IICRC certified and are constantly learning and honing our craft. There are many…Read More