1. Abrash in rug, what it is and what you should celebrate about it

    Abrash is the naturally occurring horizontal, shade or color variance in rugs. You may or may not notice right away in a newer rug. We here at The Specialists would like to take a look at what it means and why it is not something to panic about. When weavers are making rugs, especially in regions where wool fibers are dyed in small lots, often times weeks or months apart causing the dyes to have a…Read More

  2. Tufted rugs or hand knotted rugs, what is the difference?

    What are the differences between a tufted rug and a knotted rug? Both tufted and knotted rugs are made by hand and that is the only thing they really have in common. Let’s take a look a few of the most notable differences. A tufted rug generally has two backings to it. The first back is a canvas (often times a muslin fabric). The pattern is made by punching colored wool yarns through it onto a s…Read More

  3. Moths in my rug?

    Have you noticed moths flying around?  What about bare patches on your beautiful area rug?  You may have a carpet moth infestation.  If you see this, you want to address it as soon as possible. They can cause a lot of damage within a short period of time.  Let’s take a look at some Moth information 101. What are they? There are generally two types of moths that are seen, one is a Webbing mot…Read More

  4. The Scoop on Upholstery Fabrics and cleaning

    Having a skilled cleaner come to your home or office to clean your upholstery will make all the difference. Sure, you could get an in-home machine, but will you know the difference in the fibers and the stains and how to treat them without ruining your furniture?  Here at The Specialists, we do.  Our technicians are IICRC certified and are constantly learning and honing our craft. There are many…Read More

  5. Learning about Silk Rugs

    When you have a beautiful silk rugs, it is important to understand them and how they need special care and attention. Real silk is a natural protein fiber, produced when silkworm larvae form cocoons. This fiber is primarily composed of fibroin. Silk, naturally is considered to be one of the strongest natural fibers. Did you know, that when it gets wet it will lose approximately 20 percent of its s…Read More

  6. Why a rug pad?

    Rug Padding, they are not all are created equal.  Just like with the many types of rugs available, there are different types of rug padding.  To really know what is the right one for your rug(s) you should explore a bit more about each of them. Using the correct rug padding help prolong the life of your rug.  It helps provide a solid foundation for your rug(s).  Not only does high quality rug …Read More

  7. The how to on cleaning your tile and grout in your home properly

    Do you ever wonder how professionals clean the tile and grout in their own homes? Let's take a look. Your tile and grout or stone work in your home is a large investment and of course, you most certainly want to maintain that value.  Here are a few simply ways to help keep your tile and grout or stone work looking its absolute best. First and foremost is the regular maintenance.  This is a cruci…Read More

  8. Traffic lanes, wear patterns and pile distortion…oh my!

    Just what are traffic lanes, wear patterns and pile distortion?  Here is some basic information from The Specialists to help you understand them. Traffic Lanes.  These are about what you would picture in your mind.  They often times look like general “lanes” of wear or discoloration where people walk.  A lot of people call them the traffic areas.  It is the highest trafficked areas on a f…Read More

  9. Why Choose us?

    Why choose us to clean for you? When you are choosing a cleaner to come in to your home, whether in El Dorado Hills, Lincoln or Davis it is a big decision. Here is why you should choose us, The Specialists. We are: Secure and Insured.  We are licensed and insured.  This protects your home, belongings and your family, as well as workers.  If a company is newer, not adequately trained and not ins…Read More

  10. Corn rows in your carpet?

    Have you noticed your plush carpet getting an odd look to it, almost a cornrow appearance?  It is absolutely a real problem.  Let’s explore about this and what to do to help avoid or alleviate this problem. More than likely this is happening in a carpet with more of plush design.  It is most often seen in the highest traffic areas.  It will look like the carpet is almost matted or tangled in…Read More