dreamstime_xxl_2589907Our Sacramento Carpet Cleaning Removes Allergens From Your Carpet

Controlling asthma and allergies begins at home. When you reduce the amount of allergens in and around your home, you’re able to breathe easier and reduce your risk of triggering attacks and future episodes. One of the most common allergens is dust mite feces, and it lives in your carpet, furniture, pillows, mattresses, and stuffed animals.

Sounds disgusting, right?

It is.

When you walk across your carpet, plop down on your couch, or your children play with their stuffed animals, any dust mite feces in those fibers are launched into the air of your home and can end up on your nose, in your eyes, and even in your lungs!


Have your Sacramento carpets cleaned professionally with hot water extraction.

It’s true.

All major carpet manufacturers recommend the hot water extraction carpet cleaning method to remove allergens, dirt, stains, and everything else from your carpet. This method allows your carpet to dry within two to three hours so that you can move on with your day, while also having a cleaner, healthier carpet and less allergens to trigger attacks.

Carpets Last Longer, Look Better, And Keep You Healthier

In addition to your health concerns and allergy triggers, regular professional carpet cleaning from the The Carpet Specialists in Sacramento will ensure your carpets last longer and look their best for years to come. In fact, your carpet manufacturer may require your carpets to be professionally cleaned in order to maintain warranty.

Are you looking to thoroughly clean your carpets and remove allergens from your home? Call The Carpet Specialists in Sacramento today!