1. Spring Cleaning & Disinfecting your Sacramento area home

    Now that spring is upon us and we are all practicing social distancing it is the perfect time to deep clean your home.   Let The Specialists help with that! We are also taking extra precautions in this troubling time to ensure your safety as well as our employees.  Here at The Specialists, we wipe down our equipment between each job and clean our entire vehicles and equipment at the end of ea…Read More

  2. The COVID-19 virus and how we can help each other!

    We are all concerned about the COVID-19 virus (Coronavirus).  We are taking extra precautions here at our company to ensure the safety of our employees as well as our clients.  Here are just a few things you too can do to help stop the spread. The World Health Organization recommends to “Do the Five” Wash your hands Cough into your elbow Don’t touch your face Stay more than 3 feet apart fr…Read More

  3. Using homemade solutions to clean your Sacramento area home.

    Most people when they have a stain on their Sacramento area home carpet try to use homemade solutions on their carpets and area rugs.  We do not recommend that at all and here is why. If you take a look at the pictures here you will see that in the first picture there is clearly dark foot prints.  We came in and pre-sprayed our cleaning solution on it.  The second picture is what happens when t…Read More

  4. Is it a cold or allergies in Sacramento?

              Is it a cold or is it allergies?  That seems to be the big question, especially this time of year. With all the plants blooming and pollen levels rising, it can be difficult to figure out if you have allergies or simply, a cold.   Let’s take a look at the key differences. If you have a cold you can exhibit the following symptoms: A fever. It can occur with a very bad cold. Body…Read More

  5. To protect your Sacramento rugs or not protect?

    Is having fiber protection worth the extra cost?  That really depends on how you think about it.  When you have any rug, whether wall to wall or a beautiful area rug, it is an investment in your home.   By adding a professionally applied protection to any of your rugs, carpet or upholstery you buy yourself a bit more time to help you get a spill up, therefore helping to maintain your rug, carp…Read More

  6. Pet stains in Sacramento, a few do’s and don’ts

    Our four-legged pets are a big part of our families here in Sacramento.  Part of pet life is that there will enviably be accidents, either from a new puppy, an elderly dog or simply a sick dog, it is something that happens.   We are here to help.   If you do not combat the stains as they occur and they build up, it can cause some serious damage down the road. Here are a few do’s and don’t…Read More

  7. Before selling your home, you should deep clean all your surfaces!

    Grey tile may be the hottest new trend for homes, but dirty tile that just looks or turned grey is not.  Did you know that by cleaning your flooring you could get more money for the sale of your home?  Think about it, if you walk into a home and the floors do not look fresh and clean, how would you feel?   If you are the seller, wouldn’t you rather pay to have the flooring professionally cle…Read More

  8. Spring Cleaning with The Specialists

    Spring Cleaning with The Specialists It is that time of year when we all spring clean our homes.  Here are some helpful tips, tricks and reminders from your team at The Specialists. Here is a good checklist for your home: Take down and wash or dry clean your curtains. Don’t forget your blinds if you have them, they need a deep clean as well. Clean your lampshades. Take a soft brush and get into…Read More

  9. Frequently asked questions part 2

    Why are there black lines around the edges of my carpet? This is probably the number one question we get here.  That and can we make it go away?  The answer is that it is filtration soiling and we may be able to get it off, there are a few factors. “Filtration Soiling” is the term for those ugly black lines around the baseboards and under doorways. If you have light colored carpet, you may h…Read More

  10. Frequently asked questions part 1

    Here at The Specialists, we get a lot of frequently asked questions.  Here is part one of some of those questions asked about cleaning your home.  Whether in El Dorado Hills, Folsom, Davis or Elk Grove, these are asked on a regular basis. How soon can I walk on the carpet once it is cleaned? We will leave a pair of shoe covers for each person in the household to wear while carpet dries so you ca…Read More