Most people think that being in a professional office building with a regular maintenance/janitorial crew will be more than sufficient to keep their office looking its best.   But in order to keep your carpets looking their best you should implement a preventative cleaning program.   Not only will this keep them looking great, it will actually help keep your employees healthier.

Like regular vehicle maintenance, the idea of preventative cleaning is to invest a little to keep your carpets in good shape to avoid expensive restorative cleanings.  Not only that, but it will help extend the life of your carpet.

What should a schedule look like?  Let’s take a look.


As we have previously discussed in other blog post, this is the most cost-effective ways to remove dirt from your carpet.  Take your time and be sure to vacuum in different directions.  For light traffic areas (such as conference rooms, executive suites, etc), you should be vacuuming 1 time per week.  For medium traffic areas (such as halls and standard offices) they should be vacuumed every weekday.  For heavy traffic areas, they should be done every day.


Spot Cleaning

This should be done on an as needed basis.  The sooner your stain is addressed, the better results you could potentially have.  We recommend using our Spotter bottles that we give you when we come to your home or office.  If you need a refill in between, be sure to call us we sell our cleaners by the gallon. Keep your maintenance team fully stocked!



You should have your heavy traffic areas maintained by The Specialists, once a month.  You should have your medium use areas done quarterly.  The light areas can be done twice a year.  This really helps keep your carpet looking good and help it last longer and will protect your carpet.

Don’t forget those partition walls!  During your twice a year cleaning, we can clean the partition walls!  It will help them look good and help the office maintain healthier air quality.

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