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Avoid These Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

Our carpet cleaners in Sacramento can help you remove red wine stains and all other dirt and debris from your carpet

Oh no! Did you spill red wine on your new carpet?

Don’t panic! A quick Google search will help you get that carpet looking new again in no time.

Carpet cleaning is not rocket science. However, there are still a few mistakes that you should make a point to avoid when cleaning your carpets.

Follow these tips from your trusted carpet cleaning experts in Sacramento to avoid making a mistake that could lead to lasting carpet damage.

Cleaning Your Carpets?
Avoid These Mistakes

1. You don’t take immediate action once a spill occurs.

If you wait too long, not only will the carpet fibers absorb the red wine, but the spill may actually dry and set. Carpet stains can seep down deeply into your carpet’s padding, and if what you spilt was acidic, you risk the stain eating away at carpet fibers.

Instead of waiting around, act fast! That spill is going to sink into your nice carpet very quickly.

2. Did you use the wrong cleaning product?

With the number of cleaning products out there today, it’s easy to accidentally use the wrong one. Make sure you read that label carefully before it gets anywhere near your carpet, or you may be dealing with more than just a red wine carpet eyesore.

Remember, many strong chemical cleaners are way too harsh for carpet fibers! Consider buying an all natural carpet cleaner instead.

3. Did you forget to do a spot test before using those harsh chemical carpet cleaners?

Do you even care about your carpet?

Always do a spot test before using any potentially harsh carpet cleaning product for the first time.

Before you tackle that stain in the middle of your carpet, run a test on a small spot that is hidden behind a couch or underneath a rug. A little patience helps prevent a huge mistake.

4. You used a deodorizing powder to clean your carpet?

Stop doing that!

Deodorizing powders are not meant to remove stains or clean away dirt. As such, they should only be used once you’ve removed the stain from your carpet.

While we’re talking about carpet deodorizing powders, it’s important to point out that they shouldn’t be used all that often because most vacuums aren’t going to be strong enough to pull all of that powder out of your carpet.

5. You have never hired a professional Sacramento carpet cleaner.

Trust us, we get it.

However, hiring a professional carpet cleaner in Sacramento is not as expensive as people think it is.

Have some messy toddlers or a few pups who love rolling in the mud? If you have a lot of issues with stains, a professional carpet cleaning service will be able to get all those little pieces of dirt, pet hair, stain remnants, and long-lasting odors out of your carpet.

You won’t believe the difference it will make when you hire a professional carpet cleaner.

Sounds easy enough, right? For more carpet cleaning tips and related information, follow our blog. For tough stains and clean carpets, call The Carpet Specialists today!

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