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Dark Lines On Your Carpets?

Dark Line

Why are there black lines on the edges of my carpet?

Have you ever looked down as your freshly vacuumed carpet and saw about a 2-inch dark band-like line around the edge of the carpet?  That is what is known as a filtration line.   Let’s take a look at what it is, what you can do to combat them as well as a few preventative measures you can take to keep your carpets lookingtheir absolute best.

What they are.

Filtration lines are the dark lines you see around the perimeter of a room.  They develop gradually, usually around the edge of rooms, under the baseboards, under doors, floor length drapes or even on the edges of stairs and occasionally under skirting of furniture.    They are primarily made of fine dirt particulates.  Because the particle is so fine, it will embed themselves deep into the yarn fiber of the carpet pile, often times, bonding to the yarn.

Why do they happen, is it a defect in the carpet?

No, it is not a defect in your carpet.  You will notice them more on carpet that is lighter in coloring and can develop slowly.  Because your carpet is a big filter for all the air in your home, that is where those fine particles can be trapped.  Even with consistent vacuuming, it can and often does build up.  The edges of carpet are often times, not hit very well with a standard vacuum.

How can I combat them?

  • The first thing to do is to take the attachment tool of your vacuum and run it along the edges, every time you vacuum. This is not a guarantee of them staying away, but it may help keep them from appearing as quickly.
  • Have your Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioner (HVAC) filters replaced on a consistent, regular basis.
  • Keep doors open (eliminating gaps), if possible so air can move freely, keeping it from being forced into the carpet to avoid a closed door.
  • Reduce the times you lit a candle indoors -consider switching to battery operated candles or candle warmers or an essential oil diffuser.
  • Keep your home pollutant free as possible, such as regular dust removal.
  • Don’t smoke indoors
  • Use your stove vent when cooking

Can they be removed?

These are extremely difficult to remove. Please use caution when using do it yourself methods as the wrong combination of chemicals can cause serious damage.  We recommend the following.

  • Using a white terry cloth towel (to avoid dye transfer) using our cleaner to go along the edges and hand clean them. This make take several passes. Be sure to use caution to not damage your baseboards.
  • Have your carpets professionally deep cleaned at least once per year.

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