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Frequently Asked Questions Part 1

How long does it take to dry

Here at The Specialists, we get a lot of frequently asked questions.  Here is part one of some of those questions asked about cleaning your home.  Whether in El Dorado Hills, Folsom, Davis or Elk Grove, these are asked on a regular basis.

How soon can I walk on the carpet once it is cleaned?

We will leave a pair of shoe covers for each person in the household to wear while carpet dries so you can walk on it right away.  We do recommend using caution when going from damp carpet, as to avoid slipping. We will also wear shoe covers anytime we enter your home.

Dry time depends on many factors: weather, amount of soil in carpets before cleaning, if we performed a urine treatment, etc. Some carpets may still feel slightly damp or cool to the touch for up to 24 hours depending on the carpet, weather and soiling conditions. This is normal and will not cause any problems.  Air circulation is key to having your carpets dry the most efficient way.  Ceiling fans, air movers and open windows with a lovely breeze will shorten your dry time.

Is all natural, green cleaning as effective as traditional cleaning?

Our method actually removes soap left behind by previous cleaning companies. Our process uses all-natural degreasers and water softeners to dissolve and emulsify contaminants and soil. Particulates that are not rinsed out dry to a crystallized form allowing easy removal with a good vacuum cleaner. This will leave no soapy, sticky, residue in your carpets.

How often should I have my carpets professionally cleaned?

Most carpet manufacturers recommend cleaning with the hot water extraction method at least once every year, and if your carpet is subject to more foot traffic than a two-adult household, you should consider having us clean every six months.

This applies whether your carpet looks dirty or not. Carpets are a filter; once they “look” dirty, their ability to filter and hold onto dust, pollens, soil and allergens is at max capacity.

The maximum recommended time between cleaning is once per year. A rare occasion that would exceed this amount would likely be a vacation home used a few times each year. In that situation an audit would be performed to assess the soiling and ventilation condition of the home and surrounding area. For most households, every six months is recommended.

If your home has kids, pets, smokers, or you notice windows and cars parked outside of the home seem to get dirty quickly, you might want to consider a professional cleaning every three months. All of these scenarios increase the contamination indoors and affect your indoor air quality. Cleaning ensures your home stays fresh and odor-free between cleanings.

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Awesome job! Great customer service. Quality, honest work. Love the non-toxic cleaning materials. Thanks James!

Whitney R.

Sacramento, CA

Wow, I just got my carpet cleaned by The Specialists and they were absolutely outstanding. I had a long-standing dog urine issue that I had tried to resolve...

Kate H.

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I don’t let just let anybody into my home but I trust the Specialists and had my carpet cleaned when I was in delivery.

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