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Jute Rug Verses A Sisal Rug, And Which is The Right Choice For You?

Often, people will say I have a jute or sisal rug, but they don’t often know the difference. There are a few key differences between them, and they could help you choose what rug is the correct choice for your home.


A jute rugs fiber is more of a natural soft and durable. It is sometimes called a hessian, is a long vegetable fiber spun into coarse strands commonly used to make burlap fabric. They tend to be a bit thicker than other natural fiber rugs (compared to sea grass or sisal). They are a durable, natural choice for someone wanting an organic feel to their home. It is occasionally blended with a chenille to create a rug that is extra soft for areas needing such a rug, such as a playroom or child’s bedroom.

Sometimes, jute rugs can have an off smell to them at first. Not a smell that is horrific, but more of an earthy smell for a few days after you open them. Many people describe it as the smell of burlap or rope. Which would make sense as they are made up of fibers often used to make burlap.

The best way to keep jute rugs clean is to regularly vacuum them so the dirt and dust doesn’t build up in the fibers. Use the lowest setting on your vacuum and carefully vacuum.


Sisal comes from the leaves of the agave plant and the rugs tend to be coarser. This allows to stand up to more wear and tear, although the fibers will become smoother over long periods of time, so this is not a good choice for stairs. When it is spun into yarns, it has a creamy white tone that will dye easily so it often comes in many colors but beware if they have used a natural vegetable dye, it could transfer color when wet.

You also will care for your sisal rug much in the same manner as a jute, use your vacuum on the lowest suction setting and carefully vacuuming.

Do remember to have your rugs professionally cleaned every 18 months to ensure their long life.

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