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Keeping Your Carpets Clean During Holidays

Keeping Carpets Clean During Holidays

Holiday Guests And Your Carpet: Tips From The Sacramento Carpet Cleaning Experts

There always seems to be a holiday around the corner, and with spring in full force, we can think of plenty of reasons to have guests over for a BBQ. Whether it’s the 4th of July or Christmas, holidays and gatherings are great times for cheer, happiness, and plenty of food and drink.

What isn’t so perfect?

Dirty carpet. Gross!

If you have guests over for gatherings or holidays, it’s inevitable that there will be a spill or two happening. Lucky for you, we’re here to give you some tips on how to keep your carpet clean longer while you’re hosting guests.

Plan Your Holiday Menu With Your Carpet In Mind

If you’re trying to avoid spills and stains on your carpet, consider serving appetizers, hors d’oeuvres, and finger foods that can be eaten in one bite. Stemless wine glasses are also great ways to serve wine while mitigating the risk of a wine glass tipping over and spilling onto your carpet.

Ask Your Guests To Remove Their Shoes

This one is especially important if you have guests over during snow or other inclement weather. If your guests are family, they should understand and can even bring their own slippers.

Act Quickly If There’s A Spill To Avoid Stains

Always tend to the spill or stain as soon as you possibly can so that it does not set into the carpet fibers. Most stains can be removed from your carpet if you act quickly. While we admit that no carpet is stain-proof, the longer you wait to clean the stain, the worse the carpet damage will be.

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