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Learning About Silk Rugs

Learning About Silk Rugs

When you have a beautiful silk rugs, it is important to understand them and how they need special care and attention.

Real silk is a natural protein fiber, produced when silkworm larvae form cocoons. This fiber is primarily composed of fibroin. Silk, naturally is considered to be one of the strongest natural fibers. Did you know, that when it gets wet it will lose approximately 20 percent of its strength? Silk can also be made artificially but the quality is not nearly as good as real, natural silk.

Silk fiber, being a smooth filament fiber, does not have a natural scale(s) in which to hide soil(s) like a synthetic or wool fiber would. So, when you walk on silk rugs, they will tend to look dirtier than others. Silk will also reflect light extremely well. This means that when you walk on it, it will have an extreme look of light and dark direction. This is why any foot traffic on a silk rug will distort the fibers, making it reflect or refract the light back to you in those spots differently. So, your beautiful silk rug may have the look of a dirty rug, when it is simply the fibers being pushed in the incorrect direction. Brushing the fabric back gently by hand may help reset the fibers.  This is also why some clients choose to hang their silk rugs on the walls as art verses walking on them, to avoid any damage walking on them may cause.

Because silk can lose up to 20 percent of its natural strength when wet, professional cleaning is recommended. We here use a special process for silk rugs to clean it thoroughly. We have special cleaning solutions that are used specifically for silk fibers. We also hand wash your rug(s) gently to protect your silks fibers.

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