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Keeping Your Stone, Tile And Grout Clean In El Dorado Hills

Stone, Tile And Grout Clean

Your tile and/or stone work in your El Dorado Hills home is beautiful and a large investment in your home and you most certainly want to maintain that value.  Here are tips and tricks to clean your stone or tile and grout in El Dorado Hills.

Use the correct cleaning product and care routines.

When you use products such as Fabuloso or Pine-sol, they are not the correct products for cleaning your tile or stone.  They can leave a residue behind that can dull your surface.  Worse yet, they could potentially leave a buildup that would have to be stripped and restored, a very costly repair that could be avoided simply by using the correct products to clean your tile and grout.  Did you know we sell our very own professional all-natural cleaner here at The Specialists?  It is safe for use on your stone and tile.  It is $30 a gallon and you only use 2 ounces per gallon of water. That would make you 64 gallons of all-natural cleaner for you to use. When you do the math on the cleaner, that is an amazing savings for your tile and grout!

Routines for your tile and grout in El Dorado Hills

  1. Sweep your floors every day or every other day. This will get most of the dirt off your floors
  2. Vacuuming along the edges with the crevice tool. This will help with the build up of dirt along the edges.
  3. Mopping- mop your tile floors  at least once a week.
  4. Professional stone, tile and grout cleaning & sealing at least once every 12-18 months.

Tile and stone are sensitive to acid-based cleaners. If you use product that are acid based, such as vinegar or lemon juice, it can actually etch (scratch) your stone work?  Simply by using a neutral cleaner (such as our very own) will help prevent this issue.

Grout.  Did you know your grout is porous? This means it needs to be sealed to help repel stains.  Sealing your grout  isn’t a guarantee of no stains, but it will give you some time to clean it before a stain can set.  Regular cleanings will help keep your grout lines look their best.  We recommend that you have your tile and grout deep cleaned every 12-18 months and the grout re-sealed every 18-24 months, depending on how heavy the traffic is.  The heavier the traffic, the more often you may need to have it cleaned.  Don’t forget your tiled counter tops too.

From Davis to El Dorado Hills, Folsom, Granite Bay, Lincoln and all points in between, we are here to help keep your home looking beautiful. Be sure to check out our before and after gallery to see our work.

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