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Summer Cleaning Tips For Your Commercial Office Space

Summer Cleaning Tips For Your Commercial Office Space

During this time of year, when the birds are chirping and the temperatures are warm, homeowners are deep cleaning their homes and garages from the winter lull. Unfortunately, many businesses in Sacramento haven’t taken to this tradition as much as they should. A spring cleaning for your office carpet is a great way to provide a comfortable working environment for your employees, and there’s no better commercial carpet cleaning company to call than The Carpet Specialists.

Spring Cleaning Tips For The Office

What are some of the best ways to clean your office space for warmer months?

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is one of the best things you can do for your office. Winter months can bring in dirt and debris that, if not cleaned up, will decrease the lifespan of your carpets and cause them to fade. Who wants to work in an office with faded carpets? We recommend hiring a professional and commercial carpet cleaning company to come in and do this the right way so that no areas are missed.


There are a lot of things that can accumulate in an office space, especially one in which there are multiple people working. Reducing office clutter, such as throwing away old papers and moving objects to create space, is a great way to get your office clean. Paper can create dust, which then gathers around your employees’ desks, and can even be bad for all of the expensive electronics.

Floor Maintenance

Just like your office carpets, the hard surface flooring needs attention, too. These surfaces can become dirty and lose color over the winter due to dirt and debris tracked in from outside. The Carpet Specialists can come in and ensure that your hard flooring surfaces are regularly maintained to ensure they continue to look bright and new.

Whether you need a one time cleaning or a well-developed carpet and floor cleaning program, call The Carpet Specialists today, and allow us to design the ideal program for your commercial business.

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