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Tips For Getting Oil Out Of Your Carpet

Have stains from rogue meatballs, spilled red wine, splattered cooking oil, or grease

Do you or your kids like to get crazy in the kitchen?

Do you have stains from rogue meatballs, spilled red wine, splattered cooking oil, or grease?

If you have carpet in your dining room, or rugs in your kitchen, you’ve likely encountered at least one of these pesky stains over the years: a cooking oil stain.

As professional carpet cleaners in Sacramento, we’ve seen it all when it comes to carpet stains. We’re here today to give you a few tips on how to get cooking oil out of your carpet or rugs.

Getting Oil Out Of Carpet

Follow these tips and tricks to tackle those cooking oil stains:

Blot the oil

One of the first steps in getting oil out of your carpet is to blot up as much of the oil as you can. Absorbent materials like rags, towels, or brown paper bags work well for this and can help you remove the bulk of the stain.

Coat the stain with powder

After you’ve blotted up as much of the oil as you can, coat it with an absorbent powder such as corn starch or baking soda. Let it sit for two to 24 hours. Once you feel like you’ve waited long enough, vacuum up the powder thoroughly.

Did the stain disappear?




Move on to the next step.

Wash the oil stain with a gentle dish soap

If the stain remains after step two, a gentle grease-fighting dish soap may be your savior. You can easily create a solution with a small amount of dish detergent and water.

Apply to the stain and blot it with a cloth, allowing the solution to sit for at least a couple minutes. Once you’ve waited patiently, rinse the spot with water and blot up any excess liquid that remains.

That’s it!

Congratulations! You just learned how to remove cooking oil from your rug or carpet.

If you’re having trouble removing the stain after trying this method a few times, call the The Carpet Specialist for Sacramento carpet cleaning today!

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