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Why You Should Have Your Upholstery Cleaned Regularly!

Upholstery Cleaned

Do you really need to clean your upholstery regularly?  The answer is yes!  From Davis to Shingle Springs, Elk Grove, Folsom, Sacramento and all points in between, here are several reasons why your upholstery needs to be cleaned.

First, it will help keep the beauty of your furniture.  Many people don’t maintain their upholstery and often don’t try a professional cleaning before buying new.  Take a look at our before and after gallery to see some amazing results!  This will help you extend the life of your furniture and in the end, save you money by not having to replace it as often!

Second, it helps cut down on dust and other allergens that can build up naturally.  Regularly professionally cleaning your upholstery will help keep you healthier!  By keeping all of your textiles cleaned professionally, it helps the air quality of your home to be healthier.

It will also help keep your home smelling fresher. All fabric will act as a filter of sorts.  It not only will absorb what is spilled or dropped, it will absorb smells.  Oils from your skin, perfumes or colognes you may wear, that diaper someone changed on your sofa or that beloved 4-legged family member just laying on your furniture all add up to smells that build up that you may not notice.  Sure, you could use a commercial fabric freshener, but is it really clean or did it just do a good job of covering up the smell?  Only a certified professional cleaning can get those out.

By adding in a fabric protector product, such as our Green Guard, it helps you be able to catch stains that may have set in.   See our article here on how adding our Green Guard to your upholstery (or any textile) will help with stain repellent!

Here are a few tips to help you maintain the beauty of your furniture.  Be sure to thoroughly vacuum your entire piece of furniture regularly, at least once a week.  Use the crevice tools to really get all those nooks and crannies.  Don’t let the dust build in the corners to wear your textiles down.  Be sure to move your furniture and thoroughly clean under it a well.  It helps minimize dirt that can naturally be absorbed, as well help keep your air quality healthier.

When our Specialist come out to your home, we have a 10-step process that we have found is the most effective.

Step One: Pre-Inspection – We check the contents of your fabric as well as pointing out any potential permanent stains and/or areas of concern.

Step Two: Area preparation – We prep the around your upholstery.  We do not want to dirty the flooring around your upholstery.

Step Three:

Pre-Vacuum – This will help remove dry soils and any loose particles from cracks and crevices.

Step Four: Pre-Treat – Depending on your fabric, a special solution, designed for your fabric type and soiling will be applied to help emulsify the soil.

Step Five: Pre-Spot Treat – Any potentially difficult spots will be pre-treated with our solutions to help increase chances of removing the stains.

Step Six: Pre-Groom – The fabric is gently groomed using soft brushes or towels to loosen the soil.

Step Seven: Soil Extraction and Rinse – The soil is then extracted from the fabric with a gentle controlled rinse.

Step Eight: Post Spot Treatment – Any remaining spots are treated with special stain removal products. *For longer fabric life and fewer permanent stains, we highly suggest having our Green Guard fabric protector applied after post spot step.

Step Nine: Post Grooming – Fabrics with a pile, will be gently hand groomed with a fabric brush to set the pile and enhance the beauty of your upholstered furniture.

Step Ten: Post Cleaning Inspection. – We will then go over the cleaning results with you.

All of these steps are to ensure that you get the best cleaning possible.  Although, it may take longer to follow these steps for each and every piece of furniture, we want to make sure we go that extra mile for our clients.

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Awesome job! Great customer service. Quality, honest work. Love the non-toxic cleaning materials. Thanks James!

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I don’t let just let anybody into my home but I trust the Specialists and had my carpet cleaned when I was in delivery.

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