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Urine In Your Oriental Rug? Tips And Help Are Here!

Whether you have finally found the perfect Oriental (or other fine area rug) you want or you have inherited a cherished family heirloom, you finally have that gorgeous Oriental rug in your El Dorado Hills home. As you are enjoying it, you discover that your furry family member has also discovered it and decided to mark it as their own. As that moment of panic sets in, remember The Specialists are here to help. Here is what you should do.

First, you are going to take a deep breath, get a white terry cloth towel and blot, blot, blot! This is a very crucial part of this. Get as much up as you can. Do not scrub at the fiber your oriental rug. This will cause permanent damage to the fibers. We only recommend using a white towel to prevent any accidental dye transfer from the towel to your El Dorado Hills oriental rug.

Second. You can use some of our spot and stain remover. You spray it on the stain, let it sit for just a couple of minutes then blot it up with a white towel. You can repeat as needed. However, if you start to see dye transfer from your rug, stop and call us.

Third. Call us. In order to get all the urine out of your El Dorado Hills oriental rug, you will need to have it flushed out. Wool has scales and they are good at hiding dirt and trapping urine. We will come to you, pick up your rug and clean it. Then, once it is fully cleaned and dried, we will return it to your home and lay it back out for you.

Finally, you can enjoy your beautiful rug once again knowing it is fresh and clean.

Did you know that we sell our very own all-natural spot cleaner? You can buy it by the spray bottle or by the gallon. Call us today to purchase your bottle and we will deliver it forfreewhen we are in your area next!

From Davis to El Dorado Hills, Folsom, Granite Bay, Lincoln and all points in between, we are here to help keep your home looking beautiful. Be sure to check out ourbefore and after galleryto see our work.

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Awesome job! Great customer service. Quality, honest work. Love the non-toxic cleaning materials. Thanks James!

Whitney R.

Sacramento, CA

Wow, I just got my carpet cleaned by The Specialists and they were absolutely outstanding. I had a long-standing dog urine issue that I had tried to resolve...

Kate H.

West Sacramento, CA

I don’t let just let anybody into my home but I trust the Specialists and had my carpet cleaned when I was in delivery.

Alisha F.

Roseville, CA
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