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Why in The World Are There White Dots in My Rug After Having It Cleaned?

What are these white dots/knots showing up in my rug?  Having a hand knotted rug, you do not think that you would actually see the knots. But guess what? They will start to eventually show through.  Let’s talk a bit about knots in your rug and why it is happening.

These knots, that are generally white, so they are most noticed when exposed in darker colors.  They are a very common characteristic that shows up in true Oriental and tribal hand-knotted rugs.  These are simply part of the foundation yarns that have managed to wiggle their way to the upper surface of the rug.

Because those knots are generally larger than surrounding yarns, normal wear and tear will push them to the surface, making them more visible.  When your rug is newer, you won’t notice them as the rug is at its fullest and fluffiest, camouflaging them. When your rug is cleaned by a professional cleaner, the dirt that would hide the white knots is removed and they can possibly show up.

When the hand knotted rugs are woven onto the foundation of weft (side to side) and warp (top to bottom) yarns.  This is generally made with a light or white shade of cotton yarns.  Often times, the cotton is sent to the weavers in shorter lengths so they must be knotted together to achieve the desired size.  This adds to the number of knots that you may see.

Fun Fact:  Weavers have some serious skills to help hide these knots.  They can push the knot to the backside of the rug.  They can also snip the loose strands shorter in hopes it will stay hidden.  Finally, some weavers will actually dye them after weaving is finished to thoroughly hide them! They are very clever!

So, what should you do when you see these knots?  Do not cut these knots in your beautiful Oriental rugs!  Only a trained professional should do this.  You could cause a hole to form in the foundation of the rug and that would only spell disaster for your beautiful rug.  A professional may weave it to the back of the rug or dye it.  Do keep in mind that weaving knots in is very time consuming and consequently very time consuming. You can also opt to just leave them.  Many people find these to be fun and unique touches to their rugs, making them truly a one of a kind rug treasure! Every hand-woven rug has these knots.  It is simply how they are made, with no bearing on quality or indication of damage.

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