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Why Dry Soil Removal is Important To Your Rug Care

Fiber Protection

Dry soil is the most common soil type found in rugs.  There have been testing that says 75% or more of total soil found in your rugs.  While you may think that spills are the most damaging (and it can be in many cases) dry soil can scratch, cut and severally damage your rug fibers.

So, what is dry soil?  It is simply that, dry dirt and contaminate that work their way into the fibers.   The most common way (and your first line of defense) to remove this is to vacuum it out.  Using a high-quality vacuum is an important factor.  Also, rotating your rugs to help with wear is key as well.  We recommend that our customers at minimum do a weekly maintenance vacuuming.

Did you know that your rug is like a filter?  Many harmful particles are filtered out of the air into your textiles.  By using proper dry soil removal techniques, you help rid the indoor environment of harmful particles. (i.e. old, spores, bacteria, dust mites, etc).  These dry soils are much more effectively removed when they are dry, rather than in a wet state.

This is why we dry dust your rugs.  It really helps to remove a lot of those dry soils out of your rugs to more effectively clean them.  Do remember that simply vacuuming your rug will not be all you need to do.  Here at The Specialists we recommend that you clean you rugs on a regular basis to help maintain their beauty and life.  We are certified Specialists in this field and are constantly educating ourselves to be better for you, our valued rug clients.

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