If you have area rugs, whether they are synthetic rugs from your local department store or that amazing, hand-knotted rug you inherited or found on that special trip, you want them to always look their best.  Let us here at The Specialists help you keep them looking great!

Rotate your rugs.  This is super easy to do.  By rotating the rug(s) you will help prevent wear  and fading in the same spots that you may be walking on constantly.

Vacuuming your rug.  It needs to be done on a consistent basis.  Wool carpet in particular has scales and those scales is where dry soil will get distributed.  Regular vacuuming will help release the dry and soil and remove it, helping it to look its best.Remove your shoes!  This is a big one.  Have you ever thought about what is out there that you walk on?  Here is a little experiment for you to try.  When you get home, remove your shoes and try washing the bottom of them off with a damp white cloth.  What do you see?  That and germs (invisible to your eyes) would be all over your rugs.

These few simple steps can help your rugs looking their best.

Of course, if you have any spills, be sure to use our cleaner and blot, blot, blot!

Don’t forget to call us for your annual cleanings at 916-348-7018.  We are here to help you keep your rugs looking great.