The Specialists offers All Natural Carpet Cleaning as well as Tile & Grout and any of our residential services for commercial cleaning, business or office building maintenance.

Whether your need is a one time cleaning or a well-developed maintenance program, using the most advanced truck mounts, low moisture and green clean systems, we can design the ideal program for you.

Schedule All Natural Cleaning For Your Business

Discuss with us a Programmed Maintenance Program that will provide the following benefits:

Extends Your Carpet Life

Programmed maintenance is proven to extend the life of carpet by 3-5 years.

Improves Your Image

Rather than allowing soil and traffic patterns to accumulate and become prominent, Programmed care actually assures that your carpet (and your corporate image) always look good.

Employee Morale

When your office is maintained, your employees are proud and motivated to do their best.


A well-designed Maintenance Program cost is more economical than your costs of one-time cleanings.


The Specialists becomes your partner and will make sure your carpet, tile, or stone is always clean and presentable!


We offer after-hour and weekend appointments for your convenience.

If moisture and immediate use is a concern, we recommend our encapsulation cleaning; it dries in 2 hours and offers the added benefit of carpet protection included.


Our Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services include this Process:

  • Pre-Inspection
  • Commercial Pre-Vacuum
  • Furniture Moving (desk chairs only, cleaning around desk floor mats)
  • Pre-Spray
  • Pre-Spot
  • Pre-Groom
  • Soil Extraction/Rinse
  • Post Spot Treatment
  • Post Grooming
  • Post Inspection