Thank you for trusting The Specialists with your carpet, upholstery and hard surface cleaning needs. Here are some suggestions that will help both of us as you prepare for your cleaning:

messy dog - english bulldog laying beside vacuum

What do I do with my pet during The Specialists’ carpet cleaning services?

The front door will be ajar about 6 inches during cleaning.  To prevent pets from escaping, it is safest to have them quarantined in an area we will not clean.  Most clients will crate pets, let Fido run free in the backyard, or allow them to hang out in a bathroom while carpets are being cleaned.  Some take Fido to the groomers – when he returns, he is clean of carpet graying pet oils.

Do I need to move furniture and pre-vacuum for tile, carpet or rug cleaning?

Please remove any small items such as dining room chairs, magazine racks, floor plants, etc. from any areas that are going to be cleaned.

Our regular pricing includes moving sofas, chairs, tables, end tables, etc. Please remove all breakable items from furniture which will have to be temporarily moved, cleaned under, and placed back. Computer equipment, TV stands, beds, bookcases, armoires, dressers, china cabinets, sectional sofas, entertainment centers, antique and fragile furniture are not moved. However, carpet underneath such items can be cleaned where sufficient room is available, or we can edge right around the base.

A discounted rate is offered anytime carpets have been pre-vacuumed within 12 to 24 hours of our arrival, and our technicians clean around existing pieces. Most homeowners prefer this option and move small pieces into a guest bathroom, the kitchen or onto the patio and prefer us to clean around and between the sofas and coffee tables.

What do you need access to for easy carpet and upholstery cleaning?

We will need access to a hose spigot within 20 feet of the driveway. Running water is needed and electricity is preferred for instances such as the purchase of a new home, you are moving out or selling, or for a commercial building. We use a truck mounted system with long hoses. Your front door will remain opened at least 6 inches wide while we clean.

Generic professional carpet & upholstery cleaning service van with hoses coming out the back of the vehicle. Typical American residential subdivision background.Where will you park?

Expect a van to park in your driveway closest to the front door or with access through the garage.

If you live in a community with assigned parking, please arrange ahead of time for us to have access to the parking spot closest to your front door. A standard carpet cleaning appointment with 2 -3 bedrooms, a hall, Living/Dining room combination takes around 2 ½ hours.

Anything else I should know?

Please pin up any full-length draperies so that they will be at least 6 inches off the floor. Please pin up any skirts on upholstered furniture, which may be touching the carpet.

For safety sake, be sure to keep a very close eye on your curious little ones. Our hoses reach temperatures of 230 degrees and are hot to the touch.  Our suction hose is very powerful and, while we take every precaution, little ones like to put things in their mouths.  Please keep children and pets away from cleaning equipment.