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Natural stones such as Travertine, Granite, Marble, Terrazo, Limestone and Slate are more prevalent in homes than years prior.  They are luxurious, gorgeous and expensive.  Most homes have their low maintenance counterpart: synthetic (or “man-made”) tile, such as ceramic and porcelain.  Unlike synthetic tile, natural stone is very porous throughout and is acid sensitive.  Traditional tile cleaning uses acid to remove soil – this will cause costly and unsightly damage, such as etching.  The Specialists’ technicians are certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification to properly and effectively clean, seal, hone and polish natural stone. We do it all naturally with green cleaners and without chemicals, odors or acids.

Our Natural Cleaning Process for Natural Stone Flooring

  • Step 1: Pre-Inspection

    Before cleaning, a thorough pre-inspection and walk through helps us determine a plan to effectively clean, seal and/or polish your floor to meet your specific needs and concerns.

  • Step 2: Pre-Spray

    Our special All Natural Cleanser is specifically designed to cut into grease and remove any dirt and grime on the stone and grout itself. This step allows us to get maximum soil removal in our agitation and rinsing process.

  • Step 3: Agitation

    Three rotating brush heads on a weighted rotary machine effectively and safely scrub the grout lines and the stone itself. Grout lines are also hand scrubbed with specially designed brushes to get into the ‘detail’ areas as well.

  • Step 4: Hot Water Rinse

    Our high powered truck-mounted equipment acts as a pressure washer to thoroughly rinse the floor, rinse away the loosened dirt and grime, and extract water simultaneously.

  • Step 5: Post Inspection

    Your floor will be inspected to determine the effectiveness of the cleaning. Any details will be brought to your attention.

  • Step 6: Stone Sealer Applied

    After the floor is cleaned, a sealer should be applied to the stone and grout. Natural Stone flooring is porous throughout, therefore requiring a sealant application along with the grout helps to keep dirt, oils, and spillage from permanent staining.

Note: Most grout is not sealed when tile is installed! This leaves your grout vulnerable to staining by dirt, cooking oils, and spillage. Protect your grout today by having it sealed with our “breathable” stone sealer.

We provide Travertine Pit Filling that eliminates the characteristic “holes” in Travertine floors to prevent them from cracking or trapping dirt and debris.

We specialize in All Natural Dust & Chemical-Free Honing and Stone Polishing which produces a glossy shine to your Natural Stone.  Consider a photograph: you can order “Matte” or “Glossy” finishes.  With Natural Stone, even if it’s already installed in your showers, fireplace, countertops or flooring, you can change the finish from one to another. If your walk path in hallways has a worn traffic pattern, honing and/or polishing will correct it.  Honing is also the method we would employ to remove scratches in your soft stones such as Travertine and Marble.  Cleaning removes soil. It is not sufficient to refinish or correct abnormalities beyond the surface.

Honing and polishing is much like sanding out rough edges of wood planks; stone work is simply ‘sanded’ in wet form.  If there are lips, uneven tiles, raised edges, rough spots, scratches, or other eyesores in your stone, please give us a call for a free in home inspection – we will give you our recommendation and a price quote.